Debunked Trump Card: Pseudo-Intellectual Moron

Every time you get into an argument about religion or politics or some other controversial topic you find yourself having to deal with people who think they can win arguments using underhanded tactics. Their methods are incredibly infuriating, and are nothing less than insufferable. Sometimes a fist through the wall is the only satisfactory response, but in an attempt to save you precious time and money I have decided to create a series exposing a class of these scumbags in short posts.

The losers on the table now are those types who like to take your arguments and twist them in such a way that it makes you out to be . . . you guessed it: a scumbag. This isn’t the same as Passive-Aggressive Emotional Bullshit: while the last one was manipulative and emotionally charged, this type of behavior comes from pseudo-intellectuals who think they can logically pin you down.

This can start with you making a statement, sharing your opinion on a controversial subject. Say you claim that drug users are pathetic. You give your list of reasons to make your case: some people have a needless dependency on something; if you have a needless dependency on something you are weak. And this pseudo-intellectual moron comes along and instead of addressing your argument or any of your points he accuses you of calling sick people using medical marijuana pathetic . . .

I have literally heard this accusation before.

I don’t fucking care if you think I should specify whom I am talking about. I don’t care if you think I am talking about you, and you personally use marijuana for medical purposes. I don’t fucking care about how my comments make you feel. If you honestly think I need to introduce my statements with a caveat that says: “I’m not talking about those who actually need it medically!” then you are a sensitive little bitch.

So maybe I was wrong in the beginning: maybe these people are a bit emotional.

And the same logic applies to obesity. The second you make a comment towards some morbid, grotesque blob of fat, mocking their lack of self-control, or their size, you get a hoard of nasty comments about how some fat people can’t help it. Some people are actually sick. Yeah? Really? And how much of the overblown obesity statistic is actually suffering from thyroid problems, and how many aren’t? Yeah, that’s what I thought . . .

So when you find yourself in the company of one of these morons leaving a comment like: “I suffer from anxiety and I need marijuana to quell the nerves, and you think I’m pathetic?” respond with: “Yes. Perhaps you should kill yourself. Remember to cut along the veins, not across.” They’ve proven to be unreasonable, so why bother engaging with them?



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